Travelling from Ecuador to Peru

Welcome back to my second to last post on my trip to South America!

After Baños Emily and Astrid and I caught a bus to Cuenca, Ecuador. Cuenca was our last stop before heading to Peru!

Cuenca doesn’t have a whole lot to offer, HOWEVER, it is a beautiful city, so if you do get the chance I do recommend visiting Cuenca. You just won’t need to be there for anymore than two days.

We went to Cuenca, because it was the closest place to Baños, that would then take us to where we needed to go to get to Peru.

If you also happen to go to Cuenca, we stayed at Kiwi Hostel. I really enjoyed the hostel, and it was right on the Tomebamba River in the Cuenca city centre. It was beautiful. I also recommend taking a couple hours to view the historic centre in Cuenca. Breathtaking views.

Below is a collection of photos from Cuenca.

Getting from Cuenca to Peru

For a few weeks Emily and I were kind of worried about how we were going to get from Ecuador to Peru. The books we read, and the stuff we read online lacked information. We found a little bit of information about this on Along Dusty Roads so we used that information and then just kind of went it from there.

Here is how you get from Cuenca, Ecuador to Mancora, Peru;

  • Buses leave Cuenca at night to go to Peru, so I suggest buying your tickets the night before, or the morning of.
  • If I remember correctly there are two bus companies that do the route we needed. We ended up purchasing a ticket through the Azuay bus line.
  • Our ticket was $15.00 US.
  • We took the 9:30pm Azuay bus from Cuenca to Mancora.
  • We arrived at the border around 1:15am.
  • There is a bathroom at the border.
  • I recommend taking the bus over night because the line at the border isn’t as long.
  • You stand in one line to get stamped out of Ecuador.
  • You then stand in another line to get stamped into Peru.
  • We got back on the bus and left the border at around 2:30am.
  • We then arrived in Mancora, Peru around 4:30am.

All in all, the crossing of the border was the part I was most worried about, and it was a pretty easy experience. The bus driver made a lot of noise once we were in Mancora, to wake us up, and to indicate to us to get off the bus, as a lot of the bus, was still continuing on to other destinations.

We got on a tuk tuk and went to our hostel. We were staying at The Point for our first night there because where we wanted to stay was fully booked. We were nervous to stay at the point because of the reviews we read online. Do. Not. Trust. Them.

All of the reviews talked about how dangerous it was at the Point and blah blah blah. If it weren’t for the reviews we probably would have stayed at The Point longer, however after one night there, we moved to Loki.

As someone who doesn’t enjoy partying, or excessive drinking I had no interest to go to Loki, but Emily was extremely excited to go. I am very glad we did. Loki Mancora, was one of my absolute favourite parts of this trip.

Sian and Mario, were on our bus from Cuenca to Mancora, and we stayed at the Point together, and then we convinced them to come stay at Loki with us. So that was a lot of fun! #BorderCrew

Our first night at Loki, we met Matt and Ella, and we instantly became best friends! The rest of our time at Loki was spent with them, Matt, Mike, Sian, Mario, Rory, Etienne, and Matt and Anna (from Ecuador) were there for our last night!

Loki, is filled with awesome people, sunshine, and lots of drinks. Please, please please make sure you visit Loki Mancora.

Photos from Mancora.

Getting from Mancora to Lima

We again took a night bus for this. We bought our tickets online, through Bus Portal. We chose Civa as our bus line to get to Lima. We paid probably more that what people are willing to pay for a bus. But it was 100% worth the splurge.

This was a THIRTY hour bus ride, so I was willing to do anything to make a 30 hour bus ride worth while. The seats laid completely flat so you could sleep, there was a bathroom on board, there were movies (some in English), and two meals were provided.

This bus cost 160 soles, which was roughly $63 Canadian. Well worth it.

When we arrived in Lima, we split a cab with a girl we had met at the Point, and we went straight to our Hostel. We were only in Lima for one night, as we had a flight the next day to Cusco.

While in Lima, we stayed at Hostel Kokopelli. Trust me when I say there is not much to do in Lima. It is a main hub, in Peru, so it makes getting to other places much easier, but I wouldn’t recommend spending any length of time here. It is very North Americanized, so it’s a lot of North American restaurants, and the people aren’t as friendly. However, we had to come to Lima twice, so we did make the most of it.

Photos from Lima, can be found below.

I have one more post in this series and it is all about Cusco, and Machu Picchu. As always thank you for reading!



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