22 Things I learned while I was 22

It is the eve of my 23rd birthday  and I thought I’d make a list of 22 things I learned while I was 22. This year had some moments I hope I’ll never have to repeat, but it also had some highlight moments (like graduating university and travelling to South America). I feel as though this year was just the beginning on this journey, we call life.

22 Things I learned while I was 22:

  1. I’m capable of loving myself. Still working on it.
  2. Your true friends will always be there for you. No matter what.
  3. I love coffee! (Not sure how I made it through an entire University Degree without drinking this liquid gold.)
  4. Hard work does eventually get noticed and it does pay off.
  5. Having a big heart isn’t always a good thing.
  6. People that want you in their life will make an effort to have you in their life. Period.
  7. To cook (still in progress – thanks momma).
  8. Outsiders opinions don’t matter.
  9. Not everything goes as planned.
  10. When a relationship goes wrong, it doesn’t mean it’s my fault.
  11. But it also doesn’t mean I am completely blameless.
  12. I can travel without having a set plan.
  13. Adult life isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.
  14. Sometimes you need to make sacrifices.
  15. A negative mind will never give you a positive life.
  16. Just because my life isn’t in line with someone else’s, doesn’t mean I’m doing it wrong.
  17. Never mistake someone’s kindness for weakness.
  18. Having all the cute outfits to wear to the gym doesn’t mean you will actually go to the gym.
  19. A clean room/space makes life so much easier.
  20. Sometimes you just need to unplug from the world and spend time being present with the people and places around you.
  21. Nothing beats good company, good wine and yoga pants.
  22. Boys lie.

Here’s to 23!


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