But What About South America…?

As most of my readers know (or maybe you don’t…) I recently spent five incredible weeks in South America. It was a trip that was filled with so many emotions, feelings, thoughts, experiences, adventures, ups and downs, and new friendships.

I’ve been home from South America for five weeks now. Five weeks that have been much busier than I thought they would be. A week after coming home I was right back on a plane and spent a week in the United States. As soon as I came home from there I started a new job, and had an event that was taking place just a week after I had started. Life has been busy to say the least.

With all that said, I have been trying to write about my trip to South America, however there are so many parts to it, that I’ve realized that it needs to be divided into 5-6 parts.I am going to turn it into a mini series. I want to talk about my time there and the things I enjoyed and the people I met, but I also want to write a section that helps people going to South America in the future, as there is very little information on South America on the Internet.

I have started writing my South America series, however it’s not yet divided the way I want to divide it, and will still take some time to complete. I am hoping to get into a regular posting schedule, with new posts every week, and the hope is to launch my South America series in December.

In the meantime please enjoy some of my pictures from South America.


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