I wish I Knew Then What I Know Now

How many things in your life have you done, only hoping you could do it again, just this time the right way? June 25th, 2011 I left Halifax, to move to the South of France to be a Nanny for the summer months. Looking back now this was an experience I wish I could do again… only differently.

Maybe moving to another continent, where they speak a different language, at only age 17 wasn’t the right decision. Or maybe it was.

I lived in a small town called Neffies in the South of France for almost three months. It was my first real time away from home, and I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I moved in  with a French family that had four children and a fifth on the way. It was a busy house to say the least.

My job for the summer was to not only mind the children, but to teach them english, make and feed them breakfast, lunch, snack and supper, play with them, bathe them and put them to sleep… six days a week. For anyone this is a lot of work. Especially if you’re 17 and in a strange country.

My first month in Neffies was by far the hardest. I could tell the kids didn’t like me and they didn’t always understand me. The parents were also quite rude, which made things that much harder.

As time went on the kids started to fall in love with me and I with them. They were the cutest kids ever. They started to look at me like an older sister, but at the same time they knew that what I said goes.

Halfway through the summer I had decided that I wanted to leave and go back home. I was finally getting along with the kids which was great, but I didn’t get along with the parents and I could tell I wasn’t appreciated by them. I was also missing home. After a lengthy discussion with the parents I decided to stay and spend the rest of the summer in France.

Looking back now I could have made summer of 2011 one of the best summers of my life but I didn’t. Instead I was worried about what I was missing out on back home, I wouldn’t want to do certain things if it meant I had to be away from wifi for any length of time, I never tried new things, and down time I had I spent in my room watching Netflix or stalking Facebook.

Looking back it was me who made my summer in France so miserable, not the parents and most definitely not the kids but me. I missed out on so much during my time there, and I would give anything to go back to summer 2011 to experience it all again… experience it the right way.

Here are some of my favourite photos from my time living in France.



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