End of Term Crunch


In case you haven’t noticed I’ve been a bit MIA…. I haven’t written a blog post since I got my wisdom teeth out back in January. Life has been very hectic to say the least. Just this past weekend I wrapped up my major event I was working on for work, I am still working a part-time job as well, and I am in the final two weeks of my semester for school (insert salsa dancing emoji here). I also snuck in  little bit of social time here and there with my friends.

Come Monday, April 11th I will have handed in my final paper, and have finished my final presentation of the semester! I will then be done school for an entire month before I start summer courses on May 9th. My summer will be divided into two semesters, the first one including three classes and the second semester including two classes. I am hoping the classes will be relatively easy and stress-free. Once I complete those five classes I will officially be done my degree!! Oh happy days!

Please stay tuned in the coming weeks for more blogs posts. I promise I will be blogging more frequently, as I have lots of exciting news to share.


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