Christmas Traditions


The great thing (or not so great thing) about traditions, is that they change over time. I personally like change, however my Christmas traditions are my Christmas traditions. I don’t really want change. But I also don’t always get my way.

Two years ago we made some changes to our Christmas traditions, last year we made some more changes, this year there isn’t really changes in the traditions, however my brother now has a girlfriend and will be joining in on her festivities and will not be around for all of ours (his loss not ours).

December 24th – Christmas Eve

Since I have started working I don’t think I have ever had a Christmas Eve off which is really unfortunate because this hands down is my favourite day of the year.

Our Christmas Eve traditions started from as young as I can remember. Christmas Eve was always the night that we would see and exchange gifts with my aunt Karen, because Christmas Day was just too busy. We would order Chinese food from Look Ho Ho and exchange gifts.

As the years have gone on this has now expanded to the rest of my family. We still have Chinese food and exchange gifts with Karen, however now it also includes my other aunt, her boyfriend, my grandparents and Karens boyfriend. The more the merrier right?

After food and gifts (including a new Christmas jammies – who doesn’t love Christmas jammies?!), we say our good byes to Karen as her and her boyfriend have other pit stops to make. After they leave we all cuddle up in the basement and watch a Christmas movie. Every year the movie changes. Last year we watch Bad Santa (my grandmothers choice of all people) and this year we are watching Home Alone: Lost in New York.

When my brother and I were younger we would actually watch Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas. Every single Christmas Eve. I must admit this only stopped a few years ago. My brother and I would also always spend Christmas Eve in the same room. We’d alternate each year whose room we’d sleep in. This also just ended a few years ago. I think we’d kill each other if we still did that now.

December 25th – Christmas Day 

My mother and I are the same person when it comes to Christmas, we both get very excited and can’t sleep and are up way earlier than any normal person should be. She wakes up my dad, and I wake up my brother (much against his will). My brother and I head down stairs to find our stockings, we bring them into our parents room and we crawl into their bed – all four of us. Can you say tight squeeze?

Once we are done unwrapping our stocking gifts we head to the living room to open the “bigger gifts”. In the past this was done differently but I’ll fill you in on that below. Once the four of us are done opening our gifts we call our grandparents and our aunt to wish them Merry Christmas and to tell them we’ll be over soon.

We  then head to my grandparents house for what we call “heart attack breakfast”. Heart attack breakfast could very possibly be my favourite meal of the entire year. I mean who doesn’t love feeling like they’re going to have a heart attack after eating.

After breakfast we head home. The afternoon is very much uneventful. We all kind of do our own thing.

Last year was the first year that we did this, but we started having our big family dinner on Boxing day instead of Christmas Day. Because of this, it is now just the four of us that enjoy a Christmas meal together on Christmas Day. However, this year my dads friend will be joining us, as well as my brothers girlfriend.

We will probably end the night by watching another Christmas movie.

December 26th – Boxing Day

It wasn’t until last year (or maybe the year before) that this day became a part of our traditions. In the past we would do our big family gift exchange on Christmas day (before heart attack breakfast) but this eventually ended up costing a lot of money as we had to buy for every single person in the family. So last year we decided we were no longer going to buy gifts for everyone in the family, but just one person. That one person would be randomly assigned to you by randomly picking a name out of a hat. It wasn’t a secret who got who, however you had a limit of $150 that you could spend on that person.

We head over to my grandparents house late afternoon all in our matching Christmas Jammies, and we do our gift exchange, followed by a yankee swap. This year for the yankee swap the gift had to be homemade! I can’t wait to see how creative everyone got. I know for a fact what my brother made and he has already made it clear that he is hoping he gets to keep the gift himself, he loves it that much.

Once the gift exchange and yankee swap is done, we take a group family selfie all in our matching jammies – this is always entertaining in it self.

After that we enjoy our family Christmas meal. Which by the way is never a traditional Christmas meal. For instance – this year we are having homemade lasagna.

I am very much looking forward to having four days off from work, and away from my phone and spending as much time with my family as possible. I hope we can make it through the holiday season with little to no fights.

I’d love to hear about your traditions. Merry Christmas to all of my readers.


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