Why It’s Okay To Do Things Alone


How many times in your life have you missed out on something you wanted to do because you didn’t have anyone to do it with you? I personally have missed out on lots of things because of this, and instead have spent my time in bed watching Netflix wondering what if?

Let me tell you something. Yes, a big part of you being friends with the people you’re friends with is because you have common or similar interests. But that doesn’t mean that your interests are 100% the same. That is what makes you unique.

For most of my life I felt like if you wanted to attend an event or do something someone had to do with with you because if you were seen alone you were considered a loner. While that’s not the case at all. We unfortunately live in a society that makes us feel as though we can’t do things alone because if we do, there is automatically something wrong with us.

The other night a friend of mine was having her final performance before she has her baby. This is an event I really wanted to go to. Unfortunately I had no one to go with. Everyone was either working, studying (exam season), or they were sick. Once I had heard from all of my friends and none of them could go I decided I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t want to go alone.

I was sitting on the couch quite upset about the fact that I wasn’t going to this show. Then my mother said to me “If you were travelling alone, and there was something going on, would you not go because you didn’t have someone to go with?” I said “No, of course not. If I was travelling I’d go to as many things as possible whether I was alone or with a big group.”

It was then that I realized how stupid I was for thinking that I shouldn’t go to this show alone.

I ended up going to the show (alone) and I had a great time. It was a great show.

Don’t ever feel like you shouldn’t do something because no one else will do it with you. If you live your life like that you’ll miss out on so many things that you wanted to do. You’re not a loner for doing something alone.


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