Fit Girls Guide 28 day Jumpstart

Sometimes in life we are faced with problems, problems that we don’t necessarily know how to deal with. I for instance was dealing with depression and anxiety. However I wasn’t really dealing with it. I instead put my health on the back burner and was eating whatever I wanted and I stopped exercising.

Until a month ago. Just one short month ago I had continued to see ads on Instagram for “Fit Girls Guide” I normally wouldn’t say much attention to it because I thought it was just another fitness account that gets you to buy a program that doesn’t actually work. I decided to do some research and and read others bloggers real reviews on the program. Everything I had read seemed positive.

I was in such a low point in my life at this point in time and I was willing to try anything.

Two days later – October 26th 2015 I started the Fit Girls Guide 28 day jumpstart.

The fit girls guide comes with a full 28 days of three meals a day plus one 200 calorie snack a day, as well as one square of dark chocolate a day! (Yes you were allowed chocolate! Some days that one square was really what I needed to cut cravings.)

At the beginning of each week you are provided with a shopping list of all of the things you will need to make your meals for the week.

Week to week is different however every week you have one breakfast that you have every day for the week, one lunch that you have everyday for the week, and two suppers that you alternate between each day.

As the queen of picky eating I was slightly concerned about how much of the food I would actually like. Thankfully with the Fit Girls Guide they give you lots of room as well as suggestions for substitutions. Don’t like polenta? (me either). Have brown rice or quinoa instead. They made it really easy to follow along, but also made it specific to your needs and wants.

I was even allowed to have alcohol!!! The first week that I was doing this happened to be Halloween. On the 28 day Jumpstart I was allowed to have two 150ml glasses of wine a week. Since week one was Halloween I did enjoy two glasses of wine at a Halloween party. Week two I enjoyed one glass of beer at a hockey game. Week three – no alcohol. Week four – I had one glass of read wine at a friends surprise party.

That is the least amount of alcohol I have had in a VERY long time. Cutting out alcohol alone makes such a huge difference in your health.

Another part of the 28 day Jumpstart was a daily half-hour workout. Everyday the guide had your workout planned.

However, I’m going to be honest. The workouts is where I struggled. Not because they were hard (because they aren’t) but because I didn’t make them a priority, and I didn’t make time for them in my busy everyday schedule. A half hour workout is only 2% of your day. There really is no reason to as why I couldn’t do the workouts every day, but I didn’t. Unfortunately.

Below you will see my progress pictures from the 28 days. When I started the 28 day Jumpstart I was the heaviest I had ever been by quite a lot actually. It was really discouraging. During the 28 days of following the jumpstart program I lost 10.7 pounds. I have a long way to go before I reach my goal, however the 28 day Jumpstart was the exact push I needed to get started.

I already feel so much healthier, and more energized and overall happier, just from making some small changes in the way I eat. The 28 day Jumpstart was just a starting point for me. now it’t time to continue to maintain my new eating habits, but also add in exercise. Everything is okay in moderation. Don’t indulge.

Have you tried any of the Fit Girls Guides? If so which ones, and what did you think of them?


Side view. On photo on the left was taken on October 26 2015. The photo on the right was taken on November 23 2015
Side view. The photo on the left was taken on October 26 2015. The photo on the right was taken on November 23 2015
Back view. On photo on the left was taken on October 26 2015. The photo on the right was taken on November 23 2015
Back view. The photo on the left was taken on October 26 2015. The photo on the right was taken on November 23 2015



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  1. Great work!!


  2. You are beautiful! I don’t know why you think you have a “long way to go”. I hope you learn to love your body.


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