The Worst Date Ever (Thank You Tinder)


Last year I wrote an article called “Why Tinder is for More Than Just Hookups“.  It was a post that very much described what I was going through a year ago. Now fast forward one year later.

I very rarely go on Tinder. I still have my account, but I very often delete the app. It has become very boring and quite redundant to be honest. It served it’s purpose. However every now and again I will re-download the popular app and see what’s going on.

This past week I was having a very, very rough week, I decided to download Tinder, because you know you’re always going to get a compliment that’s bound to make you smile. (You’ve done this before too, don’t lie).

I happened to match with this guy named J (we’ll keep his name to a letter, for privacy reasons but also because he doesn’t deserve to have his full name shared). J was in Halifax for work purposes and was only here for a week. He had asked me out on Thursday but I had plans, then again on Friday. I had plans. Then he asked again to see me on Saturday. I, had plans. Finally I suggested to meet up after dinner on Sunday.

I’m going to be honest, I very rarely go on dates. Actually I never go on dates. I am the girl that always comes up with an excuse to as why I can’t go on a date. I am extremely busy. I work two jobs, I’m in school and I volunteer once a week. I have very little free time and the free time that I do have I like to spend it with my friends or my family. But nine times out of ten I’m also not very interested in the guy that has asked me on the date, which is why I don’t go. I understand that I’m not really giving him a fair chance by only basing this off conversations we have had through Tinder, or by text, but it’s how I roll. No point in wasting my time over a cheap drink and forced small talk. However I decided to give J a chance. I mean he was only in Halifax for a week.

It was Sunday night and I had left family dinner early to make it home and change in time before my date. I decided to meet J at one of my favourite places in Downtown Halifax, The Auction House. I ordered a glass of red wine and J ordered a gin and tonic.

Commence the forced small talk.

I understand the small talk is a crucial part in trying to get to know someone, but it’s always the same questions, where are you from, what do you do, are you in school, what do you do for fun, what is your favorite this, that and the other thing. I’m sorry I don’t like it.

As if I didn’t like small talk enough this night made me never want to small talk again.

This guy would not stop talking. He would not stop talking about himself, and not in the get to know you kind of way but the very cocky kind of way.

Not even 15 minutes into this “date” J proceeds to tell me that I am a boring and uninteresting person. Last I checked I am actually quite interesting and not boring at all.

A few minutes later, J notices the tattoo on my arm and asks what it says. I said it says wanderlust, which is the desire to travel the world. He responds by saying “huh, interesting. I have a tattoo on my leg. It’s my birthdate.” I said you have your own birthday tattooed on your own leg? Up until this point I wasn’t treated very nicely so I wasn’t holding back. I said “is that in case you forget when you were born?” He said “no. It’s to remind myself and everyone around me of the day the world became a better place because I came into it.”

I had to bite my tongue after that one. Just at that same moment a song by Lady Antebellum began to play. I had said how much I loved the song. He then responded by saying “great, you’re a country music fan.” I said “yes, yes I am. What is wrong with that?” He said “people that listen to country music aren’t educated. I’ve never met one educated person who listens to music about, beer, dead dogs, pick up trucks and stupid breakups.”

“So because of the music someone listens to that makes them uneducated? Even though they have a degree, or make millions of dollars. They are considered uneducated because they listen to country music? Interesting. And where did you go to school?” I then asked.

Well turns out this sweet boy didn’t go to school. I am not saying that everyone has to go to school. To each there own. But don’t tell me that I am uneducated because of the genre of music I listed to when you don’t even have a post-secondary education.

When I thought things couldn’t get any worse, he decided to tell me how he religiously looks himself in the mirror every morning and tells himself that he is the freakin man, and whoever doesn’t see that, it’s their loss. Not his.

At this point I just kept asking myself why didn’t I leave? I was insulted beyond belief for so many reasons. I had finished my wine and asked for the receipt as I was ready to leave. J was actually nice enough to pay for my $6 glass of wine (I’m a cheap date boys), so I mean he’s not that bad right?

After insulting me for a few hours he had the nerve to ask to see me again the next day before he left. I very easily said no, and that’s the story of the worst date ever.




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  1. wow, what a date that was! he’s a jerk, and doesn’t deserve a nice girl! good riddance!

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  2. Hahaha! This post rather this guy made me laugh!
    I love Country music and “Just a kiss” by Lady Antebellum, so I took his “uneducated” comment personally. Ass! I’m glad you rejected him.

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