How an Undeveloped Country Changed my Life (Part three)

Sometimes life happens and you end up being crazy busy and you’re unable to get the things you want to get done, done. Like this post for instance. Here’s part three of my trip to Asia :)

It was late at night, and after a four and a half hour drive we had made it to Vang Vien. We pulled up on a narrow street to our hostel. Directly next to our hostel was Gary’s Irish Bar and directly across from us was Sakura Bar. We had realized we were now in the “party” part of Laos.

Outside out hostel were to food carts, one that made burgers and one that made crepes. As it was late and we hadn’t eaten in hours, we all decided to have Banana, Nutella Crepes. To die for. After we ate, many from our group decided to test out the bars, Monique and I on the other hand were exhausted and decided to go to bed.

The next morning we woke up and went to Gary’s for breakfast. After breakfast we hoped on the back of some Tuk Tuks and made our way down a very bumpy road to the Blue Lagoon. The water at the Blue Lagoon was so blue, like nothing I’ve ever seen before. I wasted no time before climbing the tall tree and plunging into the water. I stayed in the water for a good hour after that with a permanent smile on my face watching all the other people jump from the tree. Some without hesitation, others with complete fear.

Jumping from the tree at the Blue Lagoon
Jumping from the tree at the Blue Lagoon

After a few hours in the water it was time to explore the Tham Phu Kham Cave. I wasn’t very smart and forgot to bring my glasses so I didn’t see much.

After the cave it was time to zip line! The zip lining at the Blue Lagoon, is the best zip lining I’ve ever done. There are two courses, you start at one, and you’re gone for about an hour. I got to the bottom of the last line and thought how amazing that was and totally worth the $25.00. Not knowing that I still had a whole other course to do! (If you’re ever in Laos I recommend doing the zip lining at the blue lagoon.)

After a day well spent at the Blue Lagoon we headed back to our hostel to prep for the evenings activities. It was Canada back home so Monique and I decided to show the UK’ers how to party Canada style.

Pizza Dinner
Pizza Dinner

All of the bars in Laos offer you free shirts, if you buy a certain amount of certain drinks at the different bars. My goal for the night was to receive all of the different shirts. (Bad idea since you had to drink a lot of vodka drinks.)

Clair and I celebrating Canada Day in Laos
Clair and I celebrating Canada Day in Laos

I called it an early night shortly after and was off to bed.

The next day was out final (sad face) full day in Laos. The day started with visiting the different caves, including tubing through one of them. After touring the caves we had another afternoon of kayaking. This time kayaking didn’t go as well as the previous time. Monique and I ended up getting stuck in a rapid, flipped our kayak, hit a few rocks, and floated off down the river before being rescued.

Beautiful Laos
Beautiful Laos

We slowly make our way down the river to meet the rest of the group at the bar. After having a drink and enjoying the sunshine, it was time to finish going down the river tubing. This was a lot of fun until I lost my prescription sunglasses and couldn’t see where I was going!

Tubing down the river
Tubing down the river

At the end of the day we headed to Gary’s for our final supper together. This was a very sad time, because some of our group actually had to leave then. After supper we headed downstairs, listened to some live music, had a few drinks and many laughs.

Enjoying my last night with my girls Cat and Sammie
Enjoying my last night with my girls Cat and Sammie

Most of us went to bed early that night, since the next day was going to be a long one.

I woke up the next morning feeling the most sick I have ever felt before in my life. While everyone was in a full lather of sweat, I was shivering, and couldn’t stay warm. We made it to the airport and I couldn’t keep my eyes open or stand on my own two feet.

It came time to check in and I physically did not think I was going to be going home that day. I was so sick, all I could do was cry. The entire time we were checking in all I could think about was they’re not going to let me on this plane. Just by looking at me you could tell something was wrong.

The rest of the trip home, I had moments where I felt great, and then moments I did not feel so great. Needless to say, 32 hours of travelling while ill, I was very excited to get home.

I hope that from reading my posts it has inspired you, even just the slightest. I hope to do more with VESA in the near future and definitely spend time volunteering around the world.



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