The Year of Travel

Chicago, New York, Toronto, Old Orchard, Toronto(again), New York (again), Mexico.

As someone who loves travelling this year has been good to me. Although I didn’t leave North America this year, I still travelled to some places I had never been, and had an incredible time.

Chicago – February 2014

This past February I went to Chicago for my first time. Chicago was cold, very cold. However it’s a city that I very quickly fell in love with. It’s a city that is definitely on my list of places that I plan to return to.

I went to Chicago for four days, the purpose of the trip was to go to the NHL Stadium Series game between the Pittsburg Penguins and the Chicago Blackhawks. For those of you that don’t know what the Stadium Series is, it was a hockey game that was played outdoors in Soldier Field. As if Chicago wasn’t already cold, there was a blizzard during the time of the game. Never in my life have I been so cold. However, it was an amazing experience and something I would definitely do again.

Chicago as a city is so different from many other cities I have been to. It’s a big city, but it has the small city feel. With the exception of taking a taxi to Soldier Field we were able to walk everywhere.

"The Bean" Chicago, February 2014
“The Bean” Chicago, February 2014

New York – April 2014

It had been four years since I had last been to New York. The first time I went was with school, so it was a large group and most things that we had done were planned and done as a group and not much flexibility.

This time I went with my parents and Monique. The purpose of the trip was to go see Miley Cyrus on the Bangerz tour. Which by the way was a very entertaining concert.

While in New York we did quite a bit of shopping, walked around the city, ate at Olive Garden (yummy), and of course saw Miley perform live. It was a very short trip but it was nice to get away for a few days before the end of the school year.

Barclays Centre Before Miley - New York, April 2014
Barclays Centre Before Miley – New York, April 2014

Toronto – August 2014

My Christmas present from last year was a trip to Toronto to see One Direction. It had been exactly 10 years since I had been to Toronto the last time, so it was fun to do everything for the first time again.

I went to Toronto with my mom, aunt and two younger cousins. Our first day there we went to Canada’s Wonderland. As someone who is an adrenaline junkie, this was a great day for me because I got to ride all the roller coasters. My cousins weren’t tall enough so most roller coasters I ended up riding alone, but that just got me to the front of the line every time.

Another thing I did while in Toronto was the CN Tower edge walk. I highly recommend this if you’re not afraid of heights. The view of the city is incredible.

Side note: One Direction was incredible and I will definitely be seeing them again.

I then returned to Toronto in October to spend a few days with Zach and the puppies.

CN Tower Edge Walk - Toronto, August 2014
CN Tower Edge Walk – Toronto, August 2014

Old Orchard Beach – August 2014

This was a trip that was planned only about a month before hand. Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line were having a concert in Maine, and this was something I did not want to miss.

It had been a few years since I had been on a trip with my best friend Katie, so myself, her and Bailey decided it was time for a road trip.

We went to Old Orchard Beach and it was beautiful. The pier had such a cool vibe. Although the tilt-a-whirl did make me feel sick.

This trip was filled with LOTS of shopping. We drove to Boston for a day and went to the outlets and I think we can all agree that we spent way too much money.

Our last full day there was the day of the concert. It was an outdoor concert and of course I was not prepared and was not expecting rain. It poured rain. I didn’t have a jacket or even a sweater. Needless to say I was soaking wet but it was well worth it.

"The Pier" Old Orchard Beach, August 2014
“The Pier” Old Orchard Beach, August 2014

New York – October 2014

This time around I went with Emily. This was Emily’s first time going to New York and her first time going somewhere that was’t a beach down south. Because she had never been there before it was a completely different experience. This time I did many things that I haven’t done before. Central Park, the Brooklyn Bridge, went to Long Island.

This was a trip that I was very nervous for because it was in the middle of midterms at school. But this trip was exactly what I needed.

The purpose of our trip was to see Demi Lovato in concert. She put on an incredible show, and she is such an inspiring person.

The day we were leaving New York we got up extra early to go to Good Morning America in hopes of just getting a glimpse of Sam Hunt. We were lucky enough to actually have been chosen to be VIP for his performance. We met Sam Hunt, the entire crew of Good Morning America, Sherry Shepard, Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Strahan.

GMA - New York, October 2014
GMA – New York, October 2014

Mexico – November 2014

This was only my second time going down south. First time going to Mexico. I didn’t entirely know what to expect.

After being quite sick at the beginning of the trip (my own fault) i decided to cut back on the drinking a little bit and enjoy myself. We did an excursion one day and it was incredible. It included three zip lines, rappelling into a cave and swimming in a bat cave.

In Mexico, I was lucky enough to meet so many incredible people from all over North America.

Foam Party - Mexico, November 2014
Foam Party – Mexico, November 2014

2014 was filled with lots of travelling, many plane rides, and so many new people. For 2015 I already have four trips planned, but hoping to plan a few more.

– K


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