Summer Recap

As summer has ended and my favourite season has officially started I figured it’s time to do a Summer Recap. Because of the way my school schedule went, I was lucky enough to have FIVE months of summer vacation. When I finished school on April 3rd. I had so many plans for summer, with certain people. However, as everyone already knows, my life did a 180 a few short weeks later. As of next week I have officially been single for five months. It’s crazy to think of, but because of it, I not only had the best summer to date, but I am also the happiest I have ever been. Back in June I had made a bucket list of things I wanted to do this summer. While Most of those things didn’t happen, because time unfortunately got away from me, I did still manage to do a lot this summer and I had the most amazing time. Here are some of my highlights from memorable summer vacation. 1. I spent my summer doing a co-op at Grand Pre Wines. It was during this time that I fell in love with wine. Especially Grand Pre’s Riesling IMG_2294 2. I went on a hike to the beautiful Cape Split with my aunt. IMG_2402 3. I managed to get to the beach a few times at night to take pictures IMG_1825 4. I bought my first car!! (Major Highlight!) IMG_4316 5. Became closer with these two wonderful ladies IMG_0145 6. Went to Cavendish (as I do every year) and met this wonderful lady IMG_0315 7. I had time to enjoy one whole pool day IMG_2897 8. I got in shape!! IMG_3003 9. But then I learned about deep fried ice cream…. IMG_3012 10. Became close with these two again :) IMG_3153 11. Went to Toronto for the first time in 10 years IMG_3307 12. Walked along the outside of the CN Tower CNTowerEdgeWalk-19 13. Saw One Direction and 5SOS LIVE!! IMG_3436 14.  Went to Peggy’s Cove for the Sunrise IMG_2021 15. Went on a road trip to Old Orchard Beach IMG_2098 16. Saw Florida Georgia Line and Jason Aldean LIVE!! 10386273_10154519552835161_4626084634987655648_n Those are just a few of my favourite moments from this amazing summer. Thank you to everyone who who made this summer so amazing and memorable.

– K


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