As the Saying Goes…



We’ve all heard the saying “As one door closes, another opens.” This saying goes perfectly with that has recently happened in my life.

It is unfortunate but I will no longer be studying abroad in Spain next January. Turns out that being a PR student and wanting to study abroad don’t really go hand in hand.

This was something I was very much looking forward to, as Spain is a place I have yet to visit in Europe, I was excited to live away from home for a bit, I was excited to live with my best friend M, and, I was excited to travel Europe as much as possible during the months that I was living over there.

I was sad and quite devastated, but in the long run it makes more since for my schooling to not go to Spain… just yet anyway.

That’s when the new door opened.

Since I will no longer be going to Spain for X amount of months, I am taking all of my money that would have been used towards Spain and putting it towards what I’m calling a trip of a lifetime…

This year, after exams, in December I will be traveling to NEW ZEALAND!!! I am so excited, I can’t even contain myself!

This will be the first year I will be spending the holidays away from my family but this is just an opportunity I can’t pass up. I can’t wait to see everything that New Zealand has to offer during my 2-3 week stay.

It is my hope that while I am in New Zealand I will have the chance to partake in another Contiki tour, as the first one I did in Greece last year was absolutely amazing.

That is all for now!




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