This Too Shall Pass



Here it is only Tuesday, and I can already say “It’s been one of those weeks.” One of those weeks where everything and I mean everything is all happening at once. Last week was “reading week” a week where essentially we are suppose to get caught up on our readings and any other school work. Well instead of taking advantage of that I decided to spend my time at work during the entire week to make some extra money. Which was great, considering who doesn’t love money? However, the downfall to that was that, while I spent my entire week at work the co-op office decided that last week was the perfect time to post 25 jobs. Now, normally I wouldn’t complain because I am still trying to secure a job for this summer, but where I had worked all week I had no time to do my cover letters. You’re probably thinking well what’s the big deal? You can just do them this week. Well, turns out I have an assignment due this week and 12 jobs I want to apply for. To top it all off I leave for Chicago on Friday.

Where am I going with this?

Yesterday I decided to be super student. I went to school early in the morning when I didn’t have class until 4:30. I found a quiet spot in the library and didn’t move until I was done. With that said I completed all of my cover letters which was a huuuuge weight lifted off my shoulders. There were a lot of postings that I really liked this week so I currently have my fingers and toes crossed hoping to at least get some interviews… With that said I’m hoping the interviews don’t fall on Friday or Monday as mentioned before I will be in Chicago. I would hate to miss out on a job opportunity because I’m not here for the interview.

The assignment I have due this week? Well I’m quite nervous for that. We recently just received a mark back from that same prof, and turns out she’s a hard marker. This just puts even more stress on to an assignment I was already stressed about.

At the end of the day I just have to tell myself “This too shall pass.”

At the end of the week I’ll be headed to Chicago to spend four much deserved days with my boyfriend.

Here’s to hoping everything can get done before I go away, so I can relax and enjoy.


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