Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!


It’s unfortunately that time of year. The time of year where you debate whether or not to get the flu shot. I chose to once again not receive the flu shot. Any time I hear someone talk about getting a flu shot they always seem to be sick afterwards. Why would I want to get a needle, just to then get the flu anyway? With that said, I still got sick.

At first I thought it was maybe the food I ate during the Super Bowl, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to be the case since I am now on day five of being sick, with what seems to be the flu.

Unfortunately for me I was very sick this exact same time last year. How do I remember that? I don’t, but thanks to time hop I was reminded that I was through my tweets.

For me this couldn’t be a worse time to be sick. Not only is tomorrow my third year anniversary with J, but I also have my first co-op interview tomorrow morning. I obviously want to make a good impression and stand out, but for good reasons, not the wrong reasons.

Hopefully this flu clears up soon.



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