New Beginning

Hello readers,

I don’t know who will read this if anyone. However, I’m going to take the opportunity to document my life.

What you will most likely hear me blab on about is, the fact that;

I am currently a second year Public Relations student. I’m currently in the stressful process of applying for a co-op position for this upcoming summer term.

Along with that I have recently been accepted to study in Spain in January of 2015. It’s an exciting opportunity that I can’t wait to experience with my best friend M.

I will also discuss the life of a 20 year old living at home, not always getting along with her parents, juggling school, work and a boyfriend.

I hope to reach out to someone with this blog, but if not it’s at least a journal to me where I can see myself grow, and document my life as a 20 year old, as a university student, as a girlfriend and as a die hard travel lover.




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